Sans by Taejin Beverage Available on DashMart by DoorDash

sans is on doordash

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – SANS by Taejin Beverage, the first Asian-inspired alcohol-alternative beverage created by Kevin “Taejin” Kreider from Netflix hit series, Bling Empire will launch on DashMart by DoorDash, one of the largest online integrated convenience, grocery, and restaurant platform.

“Since our launch just 3 months ago, we have signed up multiple partners, distributors and retail stores on- and offline, from mass market to premium and specialty outlets,” stated Kevin Kreider, Founder and CEO of SANS by Taejin Beverage. “Today, I am excited to announce our collaboration with DashMart by DoorDash, one the most popular integrated convenience/grocery/restaurant platform. SANS Alcohol Free By Taejin Beverage is now officially available across all their southern Californian stores.”

“This is another milestone for SANS. This new collaboration will avail the product to all customers who are currently using DashMart on a regular basis. The market potential is enormous,” added Douglas Lui, CFO of SANS, “We are also working on a series of collaborative marketing campaigns… watch this space for more exciting announcements.”

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About Sans
Sans by Taejin Beverage is the first Asian-inspired and owned alcohol-alternative beverage, advocating a healthy lifestyle of sobriety and connectivity. Created by Kevin “Taejin” Kreider from the Netflix hit series Bling Empire, Sans represents Kevin’s personal values of strength, health, the confidence to live without. Each flavor is an essence of an Asian culture, celebrated by its unique taste, infused with adaptogens and at only 10 calories. Be a part of the buzz without the booze.

Drink Sans. Do You. Start the Conversation.

About DashMart
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